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Changes in consumers rights - complaints in 2015


Training is conduced by a lawyer - an expert in the field of consumer rights and complaints. On 17 January 2014 The Council of Ministers sent to the Parliament a draft law on consumer rights. The project concerns consumers' contracts concluded in typical circumstances (on-premises) and unusual circumstances (off-premises and distance). Reporting obligations will be changed as well as the formal requirements relating to the conclusion of such agreements and provisions on right to withdraw from them. The proposed amendment of regulations also introduces a number of changes to the Civil Code in area of consumer rights, rules of warranty, and specifically disclaims the existing laws on the specific terms of consumer sales and protection of consumer rights.


Participant profile

People whose professional responsibility includes - customer service, cooperation, negotiation of contracts and conditions in legal-economic relations, renegotiate contracts, a role of establishing cooperation, dealing with customers and people cooperating with suppliers or receivers.



  1. Presentation of the regulations associated with the complaint.
  2. Presentation of the draft changes to the area of complaint prepared by the Council of Ministers in 2014. 
  3. Practical discussion how to handle the customer from the moment of complaint to the final examination.
  4. Discussion about problems which arise when dealing with complaints.
  5. Understanding of new seller’s responsibilities toward a consumer.
  6. Understanding seller's liability in situation when the product has a defect lies in inconsistency with the contract. 
  7. Warranty on consumer rights.
  8. Presentation of arbitration and judicial process of complaint settlement.

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