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Excise commodities turnover in the EU




Participant profile

  • people responsible for organizing the processes related to trade excise goods, seeking knowledge about the proper functioning in accordance with the requirements of the law in the company,
  • entrepreneurs who want to gain knowledge in the field of excise law, and especially its practical translation into commercial activities of the company,
  • anyone interested in learning legal possibilities in the field of excise duties, which, due to insufficient knowledge are often not used by Polish companies avoiding excise goods.



The training will be a unique opportunity to obtain knowledge of the excise law, that have a direct impact on enterprises selling f these products. It offers a program adapted to the needs, enabling them to discuss the merits and getting focusing on these issues that are particularly important to them.
The training will provide information how to prepare for the requirements of the customs administration to use the excise tax.
The possibility of obtaining advice and consultations on issues not covered by the program of the seminar:
  • excise duty,
  • ways of filling in tax returns - excise,
  • compositional requirements of the tax warehouse as a warehouse,
  • importation of excise goods,
  • importation of cars,
  • Domestic consumption tax - excise duty.



  1. The tax system:
  • national and community legal acts on excise duty,
  • Customs Service competence in the field of general trading principles of excise goods, resulting from the Law on Excise Duty,
  • issues of marking excise goods with excise marks,
  • rules for implementing the tax inspection by the customs administration.
  1. Regulations on excise duty:
  • Community legal order,
  • Basic principles for the harmonization of excise duty,
  • legal acts regulating excise duty on a national level,
  • elements of the tax.
  1. Excise goods:
  • energy products
  • electricity,
  • alcoholic drinks,
  • tobacco,
  • the tax base.
  1. Duties of the tax payer:
  • registration,
  • tax returns, payment of excise duty.
  1. The procedure of suspended excise tax collection:
  • procedure and conditions of application suspended excise duty,
  • entities that can benefit from the duty suspension arrangement,
  • tax warehouse,
  • permission
  • registered consignee,
  • registered consignor.
  • the end of the duty suspension arrangement,
  • ADT document.
  1. Exemptions from excise duty:
  • losses,
  • according to destination,
  • way of documenting,
  • the intermediary,
  • consuming entity.
  1. Additional issues:
  • refund of excise duty,
  • excise stamps,
  • IT systems.



  Schedule   Day 1  
  Registration of participants    9:45 - 10:00  
  Training   10:00 - 11:00  
  Break   11:00 - 11:15  
  Training   11:15 - 13:00  
  Lunch break   13:00 - 13:45  
  Training   13:45 - 15:00  
  Break   15:00 - 15:10  
  Training   15:10 - 17:00  

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