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Waste management including packaging waste management in the enterprise - latest changes




The aim of the training is to familiarize with the changes and new legislation, resulting primarily from the Waste Act dated 4 December 2012. And two new laws - the Law on packaging and packaging waste on 13 June 2013. And the amended Law on batteries and batteries, and explanation of doubts of interpretation and discussion of the practical application of the rules.
New rules for waste records. From 1 January 2015. Applies new Waste Catalogue, should also benefit from new patterns of documents to keep records of waste. Changes introduced two regulations of the Minister of the Environment:
  • Regulation of 9 December 2014. on waste (Dz. U. Pos. 1923), and
  • Regulation of 12 December 2014. on specimen documents used for waste registration (Dz. U. Pos. 1973).


Participant profile

Employees of enterprises and public administrations who are engaged in waste management and in view of the numerous changes in legislation are interested in updating their knowledge.




  1. Existing legislation in the field of waste management.
  2. The existing definitions.
  3. The classification of waste.
  4. Collection, transport, storage of waste.
  5. Obligations of the holder and producer of the waste.
  6. Transfer of waste and transfer responsibility for waste management.
  7. Recovery and disposal of waste in installations and outside installations: the rules for handling different types of waste; process operating conditions; new classification of the recovery.
  8. Waste management plans; functioning regional system of municipal waste treatment.
  9. New rules for issuing permits and other decisions in the field of waste management; elimination of a series of decisions on waste generation; the consequences of repeal of administrative decisions on the collection, transport, recovery and disposal of waste - terms, the extent to adapt to the new law on waste.
  10. New rules for accounting for and reporting of waste; Log and Database.
  11. Manage the site; manual handling and integrated permit.
  12. Incineration and co-incineration of waste.
  13. Administrative fines for improper waste handling.
  14. The law obligations in the field of management of certain wastes and on product fee - the legal situation since 2014.
  15. Implementation of the provisions of the new law on packaging and packaging waste.
  16. Amendments to the Law on batteries and accumulators.
  17. Solving current problems.
  18. Consultation and discussion.


additional information
In the case of interest in one training more people (over 3-4) with one company we are able to arrange additional appointments at a convenient location on the assumption that the training will be scheduled with at least one and a half months in advance. Each topic can also be prepared according to your requirements and needs of the company in the form of dedicated training, integration or consulting departure.



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  Registration of participants   9:45 - 10:00      
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  Coffee Break   11:00 - 11:15   11:00 - 11:15  
  Classes   11:15 - 13:00   11:15 - 13:00  
  Lunch Break   13:00 - 13:45   13:00 - 13:45  
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