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Supplier management




Nowadays, development of modern businesses cannot take place without effectively operating purchase structures. In addition to negotiating skills, an essential element has become a conscious shaping of effectiveness of individual providers as well as application of strategy of managing them as a group

Participants of a training, learn the most effective ways to build a strategy to work with suppliers, used by companies obtaining outstanding results in this area. The content will allow verification of how to shape the internal purchasing policy and a position of people dedicated to such tasks. Participants will learn a complete management process - from methods of selection and evaluation based on  decision-making algorithms through tools to shaping individual's efficiency as well as Suppliers' wallet. Issues related to situational management will be mentioned, they appears in times of organizational change. To raise the competence of the full range of issues.

Participants will learn proven methods of forming long-term cooperation, based on continuous evaluation on one hand and on the other hand on partner relations and loyalty.


Participant profile

People whose professional responsibility includes a role of market research, establishing cooperation, negotiation of conditions of legal-economic relations, assessment of suppliers. 



This workshop is a synthesis of the most effective tools for shaping conscious suppliers' management strategies. Participants will improve their competence in field of analytical and soft skills. They will be able to exercise a practical application of models and algorithms that significantly support the decision-making process and overall efficiency of area of managing suppliers. The result of participation in this training will be a significant increase in competencies required for positions related to procurement process and hence measurable results of a company in strategic areas.


Training methods

  • instruction: Mini-lectures,
  • generating new ideas: Brainstorming, Mind Maping,
  • visualization of solutions based on the methodology of Visual Thinking,
  • practice and consolidation of new competencies: RPG - Role Playing Game,
  • Review: QRVT behavioral training (Quick Reaction Video Training)
  • implementation of tools and solutions to a working environment of Participants.



Day III - Logistical aspects of the selection and collaboration with suppliers. 

  1. The strategic role of people holding company’s purchase:
  • SIM (Supplier Information Management) as a support of company’s strategy,
  • management of domestic demand – formation of scale effect,
  • building of purchase teams (design),
  • centralization or decentralization aspects of purchases,
  • models of structures and purchasing activities taking into account best practices:
    • strategic Sourcing,
    • purchasing,
    • procurement.
  1. Advanced methods for supporting decision-making - selection and evaluation of suppliers:
  • AHP algorithm (Analytic Hierarchy Process),
  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership),
  • design criteria for supplier selection according to the company's growth strategy.
  1. The effectiveness of cooperation with individual supplier:
  • proper identification of supplier’s status / product / product group,
  • identification of potential gaps in cooperation (logistical, financial, quality, sales),
  • design of development cycle.
  1. Synergy effect in portfolio management of suppliers:
  • ANP algorithm (Analytic Network Process),
  • backward chaining method.
  1. Methods of reducing the risks associated with the introduction of changes:
  • new supplier, change of supplier,
  • new products / services,
  • reduction of co-operation, the distribution of orders, one-time order,
  • change of conditions in cooperation with current supplier.
  1. Principles of building a partnership:
  • CP (Collaborative Planning),
  • ECR (Efficient Consumer Response),
  • relations traps – a partner or a hostage.
  1. Inspiring examples of procurement policy in TOP 500 companies – profiles:
  • production,
  • service,
  • business.



  Schedule   Day 1  
  Registration   8:45 - 9:00  
  Workshops   9:00 - 11:00  
  Break   11:00 - 11:15  
  Workshops   11:15 - 13:00  
  Lunch   13:00 - 13:45  
  Workshops   13:45 - 15:00  
  Break   15:00 - 15:10  
  Workshops   15:10 - 16:00  

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